Advice for cannabis seed merchants on how to take payments

Richard Raw

1 September 2020

Paying For Cannabis Seeds: Continual Issues With Card Payment Restrictions And Fraudulent Chargebacks

“It’s a real pain, either customers try and order by card and the existing payment provider only allows orders under £200. Then some customers fraudulently request chargebacks claiming the order was placed in error … It’s a never-ending saga!”


That’s bad enough, having a payment gateway set draconian limits on each transaction! But then to find out later on, that some customers have successfully issued chargebacks is just unbelievable! So, just why is the existing payment gateway so restrictive? Well – because you are a cannabis seed merchant, they are limiting their risk and reducing the amount that your customer can spend with your business. Great for your payment gateway provider, but not so good for your business. As for charge backs, some unscrupulous customers can play innocent and say “they’ve never used a cannabis seed website” business, then deny all knowledge of the transaction and the bank will issue a chargeback, leaving your business out of pocket!


With all these problems, what can you do? What you really need is an effective way to remove the card transaction restrictions and prevent fraudulent chargebacks.

So How Do I Bypass Card Transaction Restrictions And Prevent Fraudulent Chargebacks?

We often have cannabis seed merchants asking us this this very question. The answer is ePay247, because our multiple cutting-edge payment solutions will solve the problems you are currently facing with transaction limits and chargebacks! On top of this, we also offer guaranteed payment acceptance – so there has never been a better time to use ePay247!

Use ePay247’s Multiple Payment Solutions And Avoid Restrictive Transaction Limits And Chargebacks!

With us, you can receive immediate payments from all your cannabis seed customers via eGateway (a regular payment gateway that accepts most cards – enabling payments via telephone, payment links and recurring payments), eToken (a simple, safe and secure payment community for a wide range of industries), eBank2Bank (the Open Banking payment gateway that initiates payments between banks), eCrypto (your safe and easy way to accept crypto currency on your website) and eSMS (receive payments face to face or by telephone with a safe and secure payment gateway via an SMS). All without the hassles of transaction limits per customer and fraudulent customer chargebacks.


So, whether you’re a start-up cannabis seed merchant or an existing cannabis seed merchant looking for a more cost-effective and hassle-free way to take online payments, ePay247 is here to get your online payments moving.

We offer you more than just card only payment processing for online cannabis seed purchases.

In an increasingly connected world, ePay247 provides you with a secure, reliable, trusted all-in-one industry leading payment solution. From eGateway, eToken, eBank2Bank, eCrypto and eSMS – receiving payments online has never so fast, easy, flexible or seamless.


Accepting payments for cannabis seed purchases made from your website has never been easier – plus with guaranteed payment acceptance, there has never been a better time to start.

We know that in some geographic locations, card payments alone can prove to be very restrictive and can really squeeze the growth of your business. This can be due to certain card issuers refusing to transact payments in specific countries, or card issuers who are simply unable to transact payments in specific markets due to a variety of reasons.


The good news is that with ePay247 those problems are a thing of the past! We have an industry leading gateway payments technology that provides multiple powerful solutions to empower your cannabis seed business to grow more rapidly by accepting these innovative online payments including eGateway, eToken, eBank2Bank, eCrypto and eSMS.