How businesses can avoid the pitfalls of selling crypto currency online

Richard Raw

1 September 2020

Customers Tell Me That The Bank Is Blocking Their Purchase Of Crypto Currency From My Website!

“Why is it, that even though crypto currency is becoming increasingly popular – the banks still won’t allow customers to actually buy any crypto currency? Yet despite this, some of my global competitors are able to sell crypto currency to their customers with (seemingly) no problems?”


That’s just unbelievable, why are the banks to risk-averse? After all, crypto currency has been around for years and it’s slowly becoming more and more popular across the world. This said, the banks can be very awkward when determining whether their customers are effectively “allowed” to purchase any form of crypto currency. Often banks just apply a “blanket ban” and cite excuses like “crypto currency infers a high risk of stolen information and identity theft” or “crypto currency isn’t widely accepted” or even “crypto currency isn’t regulated”. Sure on the one hand it helps the banks, but it will annoy your customers who may think that you’re site is somehow blocked by the bank, when in fact, the bank is blocking payments to online business selling crypto currency!


Is there a solution to this problem? Well asking customers to change banks is a bit extreme – but wait a moment, how can your other rivals, operating elsewhere in the world still sell crypto currency? Well that depends on a wide range of local rules, policies and regulations – which typically vary from country to country. With all these complexities, what can you do? Isn’t there just a direct way to actually sell crypto currency to your customers without trying to “jump through hoops” or spend weeks endlessly searching for banks that might “allow” crypto currency sales – only to find they’ve changed they’re minds the next day?

So How Can I Simply Allow Customers To Purchase Crypto Currency From My Website Without Any Problems?

The answer is simple – ePay247! With our multiple leading-edge payment solutions, we easily solve the complex problems of selling crypto currency to your customers! We even provide guaranteed payment acceptance – so use ePay247 now, to finally get your crypto currency sold to your customers without any hassles or problems!

With us, your customers can finally purchase crypto currency from your website via eGateway (a regular payment gateway that accepts most cards – enabling payments via telephone, payment links and recurring payments), eToken (a simple, safe and secure payment community for a wide range of industries), eBank2Bank (the Open Banking payment gateway that initiates payments between banks), eCrypto (your safe and easy way to accept crypto currency on your website) and eSMS (receive payments face to face or by telephone with a safe and secure payment gateway via an SMS). With ePay247, your customers can easily purchase crypto currency (hassle free) and you can receive immediate payment!


So, no matter which crypto currency / currencies you are selling, our cost-effective and innovative hassle-free payment gateways are just what you need! With us, your customers can purchase crypto currency using more than just regular card payments.

We know just how frustrating it is when your payment gateway does not allow customers to buy from your CBD website! All those potential orders and profits are lost! We know all about how frustrating it is when your customers are unable to buy from your website!

We offer you more than just card only payment processing for online crypto currency purchases.

In an increasingly connected world, ePay247 provides you with a secure, trusted and reliable all-in-one industry leading payment solution. From eGateway, eToken, eBank2Bank, eCrypto and eSMS – receiving payments online has never so easy, fast, seamless or flexible. Accepting payments for crypto currency purchases made from your website is now easy, seamless and cost effective – plus with guaranteed payment acceptance, there has never been a better time to start.

We have an industry leading gateway payments technology that provides multiple powerful solutions to empower your crypto currency business to grow more rapidly by accepting these innovative online payments including eGateway, eToken, eBank2Bank, eCrypto and eSMS.