Ensuring safe payment processing with the rise of online pharmacies during COVID-19

Richard Raw

15 April 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we do many of our usual day to day activities.  Now, when we go to the shop, we have to remember our wallets, carrier bags and a face mask.  Many of us carry hand sanitiser as standard and keeping 2 metres apart has become second nature.

For some employees, working from home has become the new normal, and it may well be the case that there is no need to return to the traditional 9-5 and daily commute.  Some businesses have been forced to close their doors, hopefully temporarily, throughout the various lockdowns and tier restrictions, whilst others have been forced to diversify.

It would be easy to assume it’s only non-essential shops that have had to start thinking outside of the box when it comes to serving their customers; however, everyone is being pushed to look at things differently.

Pharmacies have been on the front line throughout the pandemic, keeping their doors open to ensure the general public still has access to all their prescription, and general, medical needs.  However, as many patients have started to adapt to electronic prescription service, pharmacies have had to adapt too.

In an attempt to limit face to face interactions, patients have been able to request repeat prescriptions from their GP surgery via the phone or email, have their prescriptions sent automatically to a nominated pharmacy, and can either collect their medication in person or arrange to have it delivered.  In situations where there is a charge associated with the prescription, or request for medication, the pharmacy must find a way to process these payments as quickly, securely and seamlessly as possible, which is where payment gateways come in.

What is a payment gateway?

All e-commerce transactions involve a number of steps, starting with product selection all the way to a completed payment and receipt.  The payment gateway comes in at the point where a customer is making their payment.

Essentially, a gateway is there to perform the necessary checks to ensure that there are no issues with regards to the payment.  These issues could be as simple as the wrong CVC code being entered or could be due to credit card fraud.  The payment gateway is the part of the process where authorisation is sought by the paying bank.

How does a payment gateway help your business?

Having a robust and efficient payment gateway to help you manage and process online payments is essential for your business, whether you’re taking online payments or dealing with over the phone transactions.

Easy to implement, and with a fantastic technical support team on hand, payment gateways help reduce the number of fraudulent payments whilst also making the transaction easier for your customers.  With many payment options including card, over the phone or pay by link, every base is likely to be covered.

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