The fastest way to get payments through your online fashion stores

Richard Raw

15 April 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of disruption in our day to day lives.  With vaccines being rolled out and discussion now turning to the future, it’s clear that many of the changes that we have experienced are likely to be here to stay, in one form or another.

For example, when it comes to supermarket shopping, many customers have now embraced the entire of online shopping, either with delivery or click and collect.  It is hard to imagine these customers returning to an instore shopping experience after 12 months of doing things differently.  Equally, cash transactions have decreased across the board, as consumers prefer not to visit ATMs, and instead pay instore with either traditional Chip and Pin methods, or using contactless options.

There is currently speculation as to whether the Chancellor will announce an increase in the maximum spend on single contactless transactions, which will no doubt see a further increase in this form of transaction.

The same is likely to be true in relation to how we shop for non-essentials.  Rather than going down to the High Street at the weekend, we are far more likely to browse for the things we want online.  This is especially true in the case of clothing brands and stores that have developed a strong internet presence.

The rise of e-fashion

With the constant rise of influencers, it’s easy to see how online fashion brands can take advantage of our inability to shop on the High Street, and will continue to encourage us to shop via links and recommendations.  However, it’s not just the bigger brands with a celebrity endorsement that seek to benefit from the current changes in our shopping habits.

Clothing outlets that can establish a following, usually via Insta stories or live videos, will do well; showcasing the latest trends, and providing advice on styling.  What can often let the smaller, independent stores down though, is their ability to process payments safely and securely.

Whilst bricks and mortar stores will already have their payment systems set up, the step to a digital online presence can feel like a daunting one.  That is why ePay247 is here to make things easy.

What do your customers want?

As well as good quality products at value for money, your customers want a seamless paying experience.  When entering their personal financial information they do not want to feel that something could go wrong, or their data is going to be used incorrectly.

This is precisely why using a reliable and trusted payment gateway is the only option for your eCommerce site.  With ePay247 you can have access to a variety of options, meaning your customers will be able to make payments in whichever way they prefer – whether that be via bank or through a variety of different debit and credit cards.Our system is there to complete all the necessary checks, and seek authorisation from the issuing bank to ensure you have less risk of fraudulent payments being made, and don’t have to wait a significant period of time to get your money.  This is a win-win for your cashflow!

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