Is there finally, a credible alternative to online card payments?

Richard Raw

29 April 2021

More now, than ever before, we are becoming an increasingly cashless society.  Whilst many will have their opinions on whether this is the right thing to do or not, the reality is that, in many cases, we are reliant on digital transactions.  The move for many retailers to take their business online, and the desire for consumers to use traditional Chip and Pin payment methods, or even contactless, have all sped the process up.  Ultimately, we all carry far less cash than we used to and visit the ATM far less frequently than in the past.


This is the very heart of ebanking, which merely relates to transactions that take place electronically, via the internet.  This might be paying for your utility bills, or purchasing a Birthday cake from the baker down the road.  As many retailers are forced to keep their doors closed, or have moved to a more online model, questions move more towards how to ensure ease of payment without compromising security.

Benefits of eBank2Bank

Generally speaking, many businesses offer an option for customers to pay via credit or debit card when completing transactions online.  This is a typical standard and something that many customers are used to.  However, whilst popular and part of the status quo, there are a number of issues with offering this process alone.

In some situations, it is not possible for customers to use their credit or debit cards, especially when it comes to completing transactions abroad.  In these instances, it is imperative that an alternative and safe payment option is available – and that is where eBank2Bank comes in with full UK and European coverage.

Money can be transferred directly from your customer’s bank account to your business or merchant account via account-to-account (A2A) payments.  Not only does this provide a new payment option for your customers, but it will help all types of business with their cash-flow.

Rather than waiting for payments to be processed by external third parties and handlers who can have up to three working days for processing times, money is available immediately.  This makes a huge difference for businesses who are reliant on quick turnaround of income to stay afloat or to make further investments in stock or their business.

Various payment options are also available, which makes eBank2Bank far more suitable for many businesses who can tailor the solutions to fit them and their balance sheets.  Equally, fees on credit card processing can be significant, especially when dealing with larger value transactions, which means eBank2Bank can be a far more cost-effective solution for many retailers who deal with higher ticket items.

Another significant benefit when it comes to A2A payments is the removal of chargeback fees.  As these are a charge associated with card payments, there is no risk of receiving this kind of income reduction when choosing this alternative payment option.

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