The rise of CBD stores and increasing use of cannabis seeds. How ePay247 can provide a safe payment gateway.

Richard Raw

30 April 2021

Over recent years it appears the general population have been taking a far more proactive interest in their own health and wellbeing.  Gone are the days when people would only seek assistance from their GP when they were already in serious pain or concerned about a health matter.

Arguably, this may be due in large part to the ease of access to information regarding healthcare matters.  Whilst no one would claim to be an expert, a relatively quick search on the internet can provide us all with a wealth of information – some perhaps more valid than others – which can inform us to make better decisions.  This means that we can make decisions for ourselves, and source alternative options far easier than in previous generations.

Equally, there are now far more options available when it comes to obtaining homoeopathic and alternative remedies.  Not that long ago it would seem the only choice a health-conscious consumer had was to visit the local herbal store, which would usually have a limited stock list with a hefty price tag.  With the rise of eCommerce, this has changed – with multiple safe options available at the click of a button.

Managing Your Reputation

If you run a business that sells CBD products, whether that be oil, capsules, edibles or drinks, you will already know there is a long-held stigma associated with these products.  Many individuals wrongly assume that anything associated with cannabis or hemp must automatically be illegal, and therefore have concerns about the legitimacy of anywhere that sells these products.

Of course, once consumers have done the necessary research, and are aware of what they are allowed to purchase, and what the regulated requirements are, they need to be confident the supplier they are buying from is registered, authentic and can be trusted to supply not only a superior product but also to keep their details safe and secure.  This is where the image you portray when they click on your eCommerce store is vitally important.

These days it’s not difficult to create a relatively impressive website in a short amount of time – you can be up and running within hours. However, there is so much more to managing your reputation than a smooth running store with some quality images.

Providing your consumers with a seamless checkout process and secure payments is undoubtedly one of the key areas you can win their confidence, which is why paying close attention to the payment gateway you choose to use is so vital.

Benefits of using ePay247

Here at ePay247 we understand that finding a suitable payment gateway provider is essential for every business; however, this is especially so for those specialising in the CBD industry.  Other payment processors have a track record of refusing to provide their services to CBD-based sites, regarding them as being a far too “risky” venture.  There have also been publicised cases where providers have cut ties with a merchant, with no warning, leaving them suddenly without means of accepting customer payments.

It’s in cases like these that you need a global, reputable and highly competitive payment gateway provider that ‘gets it’ when it comes to CBD, who understands your needs as a CBD store owner and who can provide you with the all-important, competitive rates and chargeback mitigation that your CBD business needs.

So, when it comes to CBD – ePay247 has you covered, our rates are always competitive (more often far cheaper than your current payment provider), and we provide a number of payment gateways that are perfectly suited to CBD websites like yours.

If you’re looking hard to mitigate from chargebacks then you need to speak to us about our add weblink here eBank2Bank and add weblink here eCrypto payment gateways, right now because these CBD ready payment gateways provide the vital chargeback risk mitigation that you need.

In addition to these CBD ready gateways, we also offer other leading payment gateways, such as eGateway, eToken and eSMS – but often CBD stores tend to prefer our eBank2Bank and eCrypto solutions as they (like all our payment gateways) come with competitive rates and mitigate chargebacks too.