Benefit of taking your casino online and how ePay47 can provide a safe payment gateway

Richard Raw

11 May 2021

If you run an online casino, you already know your industry has seen a significant increase in players over the last few months.  With the pandemic closing traditional bricks and mortar casinos, many patrons have been looking for a new way to enjoy their hobby.

There are many benefits when it comes to taking casino games online, from the ease of access (all players need is a phone, tablet or laptop and a good internet connection) to the huge variety of gaming options available.  As we embrace the “new normal,” and look to what the future may hold, it’s hard to imagine this online industry decreasing in popularity, regardless of what face to face options may become available.

As an online casino proprietor, you are the expert in your industry.  You know what appeals to players and how to provide them with a fantastic customer experience to ensure they come back time and time again.  Here at ePay247, we are experts and global leaders when it comes to providing specialist gateway solutions to casinos and other online businesses, so you can rely on us to find the right payment solution for you.

Traditional Service with a Modern Approach

As a business owner you want the best service when it comes to your transactions.  However, many traditional banks and financial institutions regard online casinos as a high risk venture, making them unappealing. As a result, it can be hard to access standard payment gateway solutions via your usual lender. Even when you do get approval, technical support can be removed overnight due to a change in policy, leaving you and your customers with no options to complete transactions.

Here at ePay247 we know online casinos and gaming are high-risk; however, we specialise in high-risk markets and can provide not only the very best when it comes to service, but also ensure you have a consistent provision from us that you can rely on.

Tailored Options

We know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to businesses; what works for the local High Street bakery is not necessarily going to work for an online casino.  That’s precisely why we take the time to understand your business and your needs.  What are your pressure points, and what things can we make easier?

Whilst traditional payment gateways which allow customers to complete their transactions via credit and debit card remain popular, they can be associated with costly chargeback fees, which puts a financial strain on your business.  To help remove the risk of these, you could consider alternative payment options:

  • eToken – this option is ideal for higher-risk merchants with instant notification of payment success or failure. Transactions can be processed globally, with high encryption and quicker processing times.
  • eBank2Bank – customers can make a bank transfer directly to your merchant account. When selecting this option, they will be taken directly to their Bank’s log in page, and your merchant account information is automatically pulled through, thus eliminating incorrect bank details and faulty payments.
  • eCrypto – as cryptocurrencies become increasingly popular, it makes sense to offer customers the option to pay via Bitcoin etc, where money can be transferred directly from their Crypto Wallet, to yours.

Convenient For You

As a business, you want to make your payment system as streamlined as possible, not only for your customers, but from your financial admin perspective too.  Meeting compliance requirements can be a major headache for all businesses, which is why ePay247 offer solutions which reduce the burden on you.  With encryption and data handling options that ensure player card details are never stored by you, risks of a data breach are removed.

We also understand the need for a quick, efficient and reliable service when it comes to finance, which is why we offer global coverage, competitive rates, reduced delays in accessing your funds and payment solutions that significantly reduce chargebacks.

Streamlining your payment processing systems is an essential investment in your business. Speak to our specialist team today to find out what payment solution best suits all your business needs and to receive a bespoke quote.