eSMS: How can my customers make payments faster, more convenient and simpler?

Richard Raw

11 May 2021

Thanks to advances in technology we all have high expectations when it comes to our day to day transactions.  When we log on to a website we expect it to be easy to navigate, with clear options, and a seamless check-out experience.  When we’re out and about, we take it for granted that we’re going to be able to pay for things digitally; whether that be using our debit or credit cards, or paying via an app.

Customers do not want to be inconvenienced when processing and authenticating their payments.  This means businesses must do all they can to ensure this part of the transaction is hassle-free, and they will reap the benefits with customer loyalty and retention in the long run.

The Problem with Card Payments

There’s no doubt the pandemic has changed the way many of us do business.  With restaurants and other non-essential shops having to close their doors to customers, the need to move to a more eCommerce approach has been vital for business survival. However, that brings with it a multitude of worries when it comes to completing transactions and ensuring you are compliant at every step of the way.

When taking payments over the phone, how can you be sure fraud is not being committed?  Whilst you can ask all the appropriate questions, there is always the risk that once the transaction is completed your customer will request a refund via a chargeback through their card issuer.  Not only is this inconvenient from your business’ perspective, but it can be exceptionally costly too, with charges ranging from £10-£50 per transaction.

An alternative approach is to utilise the power of eSMS payments.

How eSMS payments work

One of the biggest advantages of eSMS payments, as far as merchants are concerned, is that the onus moves from them, to the customer in relation to payment fraud.

If you are taking an order over the phone, you simply take the customers’ mobile number and send them a dedicated link.  When they click this link, they will be asked to enter their card details to complete the transaction.  By entering the details themselves, instead of simply providing them over the phone, responsibility passes to the card holder.

This approach can be ideal for businesses that operate a delivery/collection or hire service, for example, Take Aways,  window cleaners, skip hire companies or those providing services such as tradespeople, window cleaners and florists.  The ability to send a link to a customer, whilst they are still on the phone, ensures not only ease but also a quick, secure and convenient payment method.

With ePay247 we minimise processing delays which means you will be in receipt of your money quicker.  With our highly competitive rates, expert service and tailored solutions we can find the perfect payment option for your business, to suit the needs of both yourself and your customers.

To find out more about how ePay247 can help you find the right payment solutions for your business, get in touch now.