Use the power of open banking and initiate payments everywhere in the United Kingdom and across Europe with eBank2Bank.

Reduce your costs with eBank2Bank

No matter what sector you are in, we know you want to maximise the profit on any sale. That’s why eBank2Bank is here to provide an alternative to card payments, as they can be very expensive, particularly If you process high value transactions. With eBank2Bank, you can leverage instant account-to-account (A2A) payments that pay directly into your account and help improve liquidity.

However, for some merchants, we know that fraudulent chargebacks can be a real problem especially as some acquirers charge upwards of £25 per chargeback! However, you can easily avoid this fee simply by using A2A payments, as chargebacks are a card scheme mechanism.


eBank2Bank Shaping the Future

eBank2Bank is creating the digital connectivity shaping the future of banking-enabled commerce. By offering value-added payments to thousands of banks across the UK and Europe, we help businesses to drive up revenue.

Whether your business is in the United Kingdom or Europe, this leading edge and revolutionary eBank2Bank solution is perfect to empower your business to grow and scale fast!


eBank2Bank – Simple to integrate

Our eBank2Bank solution works seamlessly with all major ecommerce platforms meaning your business can now grow fast and scale-up globally around the world. Plus, our in-house technical support team is always here to help you.

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