Protect your business from the ever-growing fraud related chargebacks with ‘card holder not present’ transactions with eSMS.

The problem with regular MOTO transactions is that the merchant cannot physically check the card or identity of the card holder, leaving them exposed to fraud related chargebacks, i.e. the loss of both the product and funds.

How can I protect my business against fraudulent telephone payments?

You need our cloud based eSMS solution. With eSMS we use additional card holder authentication which moves the liability for fraud -away- from the merchant, and -back- to the -customer. So, you can take telephone payments and face to face payments as usual, but because you are using eSMS, the risk of fraud related chargebacks is reduced because the card holder is authenticated.


Integrating eSMS into your business is a snap!

eSMS does not require any integration with your existing telephony infrastructure, and it doesn’t even require additional hardware, so deployment can be swift! This cloud-based solution is an ideal secure and cost-effective alternative to unattended IVR and attended DTMF technologies.