The eToken is created to simply allow a community of trusted online retailers to access enterprise level services such as card processing as an easy to access service.  Our objective is simple, to EMPOWER your business through a range of SIMPLE, SAFE and SECURE solutions.

What is an eToken?

The eToken is a specified token that grants holders access to a product or service provided by the merchant.

What is the eToken community?

The eToken community helps service providers and merchants exchange value, becoming a foundation to the community to help drive and develop successful businesses.

Why use an eToken?

  • The DLT follows customers interactions globally, meaning poorly performing customers can be barred from using the community of sellers providing your business with greater protection.
  • Instant payment success or failures – no latency issues which are associated with other blockchain payment solutions.
  • Highly secured encrypted transactions.
  • Closed loop payment exchange integration for eToken within our gateway.

No matter where your business is located anywhere in the world, this leading edge and revolutionary eToken solution is perfect to empower your business to grow and scale fast!


Integrating the eToken into your website is a snap!

Our cutting-edge eToken solution works seamlessly with all major ecommerce platforms meaning your business can now grow faster and scale globally. Plus, we offer in-house technical support, so we are always here if you need us.

Plus many others